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I do most of my best thinking in the shower.

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  • No Lipstick: Grieving in the Covid-19 Era
    Last November, pre-Covid-19, my grandmother passed away. She just barely missed her 105th birthday. She was living in a small senior centre settled on a beautiful rural landscape which housed approximately ten residents. She had her own room and other than the automated bed that she required, it was filled with all of her ownContinue reading “No Lipstick: Grieving in the Covid-19 Era”
  • Donald Trump Isn’t a Meme, He’s a Killer
    I have been pondering for some time why I fail to see any humour in all things Donald Trump. After all, he’s pretty much the easiest target for a laugh. I, for one, am all for using humour to get ourselves through tough times. So why can’t I laugh at Donald Trump?


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